Case Studies & Testimonials

Solicitors – Multi-Site:

The business had been struggling for a number of years with outdated equipment and a history of ad-hoc  growth which had left them with a system that was struggling to cope.

With business processes involving file transfers on USB memory sticks and regular instances of unusually slow PC’s, a fresh look at the systems was needed and they called upon Silverchart Systems to provide the solution.

The issues involved two remote offices requiring an integrated system of storing and sharing files, a reliable and capable email system and the ability to access information remotely for the senior partners.

By rationalising the broadband circuits between the buildings and ensuring dual broadband lines serviced both premises, a solution of broadband bonding was implemented to ensure sufficient speed between the two sites.

A new server with capacity and processing power for the numbers of staff  was then installed at the main office and all data and email was collected together in one place for ease of access and the ability to secure confidential information from unauthorised staff.

PC’s were replaced and the networks reconfigured to allow efficient use of the IT systems. The latest software versions were supplied and installed to ensure the company were fully licensed and to give the up to date performance and features that offices have come to rely upon.

Improved IT for all the staff eliminated the frustrations of previous  working.


Bath – Signage Company:

A rapidly expanding Print and Signage company in Bath with IT that had been acquired piecemeal as staff numbers increased, was finding normal day to day task such as email, printing and sharing of files becoming increasingly awkward and time consuming. Put together with a poor quality data cabling installation by electricians and these issues became obstacles the business could no longer afford.

Silverchart Systems were engaged to resolve these issues. Initial diagnosis and repair of the cabling problems so that the IT equipment could be placed in convenient locations and not just locations dictated by working sockets. The networking of PC’s and peripheral equipment was then configured in such a way as streamlined the day-to-day working practices, email was easily available from multiple machines, printer and file sharing was reconfigured into logical formats and vital company data was protected with a backup system.

We received an immediate, unprompted testimonial:

As a little bit of background, I started up with one PC and a bit of basic computer knowledge… we have grown and now have several PCs, 2 network printers and our wide format machine (also running on the network)

I have ‘bolted on’ the PC’s to the network as we have expanded, and needless to see it all got a bit messy and things were not quite working as they should’ve been!!

Silverchart Systems have been fantastic, they sat down with me and we discussed what I wanted to achieve.  They then came up with a full plan of action, and were in a few days later putting all of this into place. Our emails were being a pain, and we lost 4 years worth of emails in the transition, but the aftercare was amazing and they were able to retrieve all the emails and get everything up and running.

We now have a fully functioning, fast, network with all the emails on all the machines reflecting the same opened/unopened messages,  the same Anti virus on all machines with no conflicts and a full health check to make sure all was OK.

They even set up my Ipad so it all syncs together beautifully with my office computers. We feel like a proper company now!

Thanks again, highly recommended!